Interview with Jacori Naude, Beauty Therapist/ Health and Skincare Therapist

Description of your work setting/environment (desk/in a field/driving/meetings etc)

I spend majority of my day in the spa doing treatments on clients and tending to their every need.

Summary of what most days look like for you

The Spa is open every day but we work in 8 hour shifts, 5 days a week. We are expected to arrive at work half an hour before our shift start so we can set our rooms up and prepare for the day. A day will consist of various treatments that can include waxing, manicures and pedicures (nails), massages, facials or body treatments like full body exfoliations or body wraps.

We also have weekly meetings during which we will discuss revenue targets, marketing ideas, maintenance issues or any other issues that we as a spa team should be aware of. When we are not busy with clients we help out at front desk, do stock take or do deep cleaning around the Spa.

The pros and cons of your job

As a therapist it’s very interesting and fun working with clients and just to see how happy they are when they leave. Part of the perks of working in our spa is that we get 1 free treatment very month, which is great! The not so fun part is working during weekends and on public holidays. This is of course the time when most people are off and is thus our busiest times.

Does your job involve designing something, assembling something or growing something?

No, but it does involve working with people. Creating a place of peace and quiet, of rest and peace for their bodies and minds.

What skills/competencies do you need in order to do your job?

As a therapist you need to have a good understanding of the skin and body, be good in retail and in the service you provide. You need to be well groomed, professional and smiling all the time. You need to be a people’s person as you work with client’s every day. Patience is also important.

Please describe the steps you had to take to secure your job?

You must pass all subjects at Grade 12 level. You would then study at a Health and Skincare College for 2 – 3 years (which will qualify you as a beauty therapist) to obtain a Heath & Skin Care Diploma. Once you’re qualified you can either specialize in a specific treatment or advance into the medical field. Your college will help you look for a job and give you all the options or you can find one through various beauty recruitment agencies.


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