Overcoming social problems to achieve success and empower others- Monwabisi Bangiwe

Monwabisi Bangiwe also known as Bisi Bangiwe Ka Jobela describes himself as a professional dancer, singer, actor, choreographer, teacher, afro fitness instructor, producer and director.

Monwabisi hails from Galeshewe in Kimberley, Northern Cape. He grew up in a community where gangsterism was rise and faced peer-pressure to join a gang himself as many of his friends went on to become gangsters.

Monwabisi however managed to resist the peer-pressure and has managed to make a success of himself whilst focusing on helping others. Monwabisi co-founded an NGO called Amandla Danca Teatro ZA

ZA along with Brazilian born Guilherme Duarte whilst in Hamburg, Germany in 2010 and to date, it has performed in Norway, Brazil and Germany.

Monwabisi co-ordinates the Musical Theatre Academy of Amandla Danca Teatro ZA between Monday to Friday through which he empowers youth who are interested in the arts at the Zingisa Primary School in Galeshewe. The programmes held by the Musical Theatre Academy take place during the afternoons after School.

He also assists Bisi B Creations which provides free Afro-fitness dance classes for adults at the Mayibuye Arts Theatre.
He also helps to teach the youth life-skills and encourages them to avoid succumbing to the effects of peer-pressure as well as under-age drinking and smoking.

The NGO is now directed by three people hailing from Kimberley in the Northern Cape and has programs such as lessons whereby youth are taught how to play the Trumpet, French Horn, Euphonium, Baritone, Tuba, Xylophone, African drums, Bongo’s, Djembe’s.

Lessons in Marching Percussion, vocal, acting and poetry, reading and different types of dancing are also held.

These programs assist in keeping the youth occupied and motivated and prevent them from giving in to societal problems such as under-age drinking and drug-abuse.


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